CNC Waterjet and Plasma Profile Cutting

Looking for high-precision components for a fabrication project? Haig Engineering offers waterjet / plasma profile cutting as part of a complete range of engineering and manufacturing services. To discuss yourproject, call us on 01489 790910.

Fast, Versatile and High-Quality CNC Cutting If you need precision-crafted components for your manufacturing project, Haig Engineering can lend a hand with CNC profile cutting services. Using industry-leading, computer-guided equipment, parts can be cut and shaped to your specifications with meticulous accuracy - no extra finishing required. Contact Haig Engineering

The process is quick and infinitely repeatable, and we store a comprehensive stock of materials in-house; so whether you're after a one-off part or a high-volume batch, you can expect a rapid turnaround and consistent high quality every time.

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Plasma cutting up to 15mm thick, Waterjet cutting up to 150mm

Plasma cutting up to 15mm thick, Waterjet cutting up to 150mm

Our workshop is home to a range of CNC tools to suit your particular material specs. Steel, aluminium and other sheet metals up to 15mm thick can be cut with our plasma cutter, while our waterjet can cut through up to 150mm.

The latter is ideal for ceramics, plastics and other temperature-sensitive materials.

Expert Design Services If you're not sure what you need for your project, Haig Engineering can offer impartial, expert advice on the the most suitable design solutions, drawing on decades of industry knowledgeand experience.

You can even rely on us for 3D CAD/CAM modelling services, bringing your product to life on the computer screen - just come and have chat with us about your project requirements.

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Our team holds full ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for quality assurance, and 3.1 certificates can be issued with products as and when required.

To find out more, call Haig Engineering on 01489 790910 or get in touch via our contact page.